Crêpe Maker "Concepts"

Ingenious, robust and ergonomically designed, Crêpe Maker "Concepts" have everything going for them and are fully functional:


A patented batter dispenser which can contain up to 1 gallon of batter and equipped with:

- a refrigeration system for storing the batter and controlling the temperature under perfect conditions (without an outside energy source for certain "Concepts"),
- a graduated lever to control automatically the amount of batter,
- a built-in crêpe counter to always know exactly how many crêpes you have made.


Functional work surfaces :


- Made out of guaranteed stainless steel
- That can hold 1 to 3 crêpe griddles
- 1 to 3 water basins
- 1 refrigerated gastro container
- 4 bottles for pouring
- 1 to 3 spatulas
-1 to 3 oil greasers,
- With a ¼ inch between the griddle and the work surface so as to easily catch any crêpe crumbs in a specially designed stainless steel drawer used all over the world.


Crêpe Maker "Concept 1C"

Crepe maker concept 1 Crepe maker concept 1


Dimensions: Length x Width x Height = 35 x 26 x 10 in


Crêpe Maker "Concept 2C"

Crepe maker concept 2 Crepe maker concept 2


Dimensions: Length x Width x Height = 71 x 32 x 10 in


Crêpe Maker "Concept 3C"

Crepe maker concept 3 Crepe maker concept 3


Dimensions: Length x Width x Height = 87 x 32 x 10 in


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Dimensions subjected to modifications without notice
Specify Electrical or Gas Crepe Griddle when ordering

The chef's recipe,
every month !

The Chef's recipe of the month

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