A wide range of Crêpe Carts

Our carts are destined for itinerant distribution of crêpes. They can be used indoors or outside on a terrace, mall, pavement, market, beach, camp site…


Our crêpe carts are fully equipped with either 1 or 2 griddles and all the equipment required, including 1 or 2 water containers with a wooden spreader, 1 or 2 spatulas,1 or 2 oil greasers, 4 bottles for pouring, 1 refrigerated batter dispenser, 1 refrigerated gastro container and some accessories.


Below the griddle(s) there is a cold and dry space. The cold space runs with eutectic plates that enable you to store the batter and the ingredients in a cold area for 6 to 8 hours.


Our Carts are conceived to satisfy the customer who is in a hurry. You can prepare several crêpes in record time. As customers do not like to wait, the crêpes can be stored under the special translucent cover bell, enabling you during rush hours to sell an important number of crêpes very quickly.


Three sides of the cart and the canopy allow you to advertise. Your logo, pictures and colors can be placed on your cart so as to customize it. Show us your advertisement or logo and we will customize your cart.


Combining elegance with functionality, our Crêpe Carts are:

Robust and ergonomically designed,
Easy to move,
With or without electric power supply,
With separated hot and cold spaces which mean you can work on your own, and produce crêpes in record quick time.


Crêpe Cart with "concept 1C"

crepe carts with concept 1c crepe carts with concept 1c


1 crêpe griddle, 1 dispenser plus accessories


Crêpe Cart with "concept 2C"

crepe carts with concept 2c crepe carts with concept 2c


1 crêpe griddle (2 for the red Crepe Cart), 1 dispenser plus accessories


Crêpe Carts can be customized at your convenience.


These special carts are designed to go with our concepts :


mountain cart star crepe cart


Mountain Cart with concept 1C     Star Crêpe Cart with concept 2 C


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want further information about our batter dispenser. Contact us

The chef's recipe,
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The Chef's recipe of the month

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