The unique batter dispenser

Chef Crêpe proposes to you an absolutely unique crêpe batter dispenser:

- A patented refrigeration system which doesn´t need an energy supply, for the perfect storing of ingredients which fully complies with food safety norms (41F° or below),
- A dosing system to obtain just the amount of batter you want,
- A built-in counter to know exactly how many crêpes you have made.
- A "show-off" batter dispenser your customers will love.


This batter dispenser is patented in the US by "Crêpes de France"* and is adapted for all models ("Concept 1, 2, 3") and carts.


The crepe batter dispenser The crepe batter dispenser

        The crêpe batter dispenser



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* "Crêpes de France" © is an independent company with headquarters in Annecy (France). Chef Crêpe © as a contractor for "Crêpes de France" cannot be held responsible for "Crêpes de France" equipment.

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