Chef Crêpe proposes a wide range of accessories to you. You can buy each element of our Crêpe Maker Concepts and Crêpe Carts separately.


Crêpe Griddle :

Crepe griddle


Storage bell cover :

Storage bell cover


Chocolate - Nutella warmer :

Chocolate - nutella warmer


And also...
- Refrigerated dispenser
- Batter measurer
- Electric or gas crêpe griddle
- Wooden crêpe batter spreader
- Oil greaser
- Bottles
- Pourers
- Crêpe spatula
- Set of accessories


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want further information about our accessories. Contact us

The chef's recipe,
every month !

The Chef's recipe of the month

" The Wholemeal snack ! "

The chef crêpe's good tip for a snack : When you make your galettes in advance or if you buy them, you can prepare a quick and good complete galette.


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