The Chef Crêpe Training Center

Our French crêpe Chef graduated from a master-crêpe makers" school in Brittany which is one of the best French schools in this specialty. After many years of consulting and experience all over Europe, Chef Crêpe came to the US in 2006. We offer intense hands-on training for all aspects of the crêpe business.


On-site training at our crêperie in Bethesda, Maryland, will give you everything you need to start or improve your own business.


Training Center


Training program:

  • Demonstration and practice using crêpe making tools and appliances: electric or gas crêpe griddles, batter measurers, wooden crêpe batter spreaders, spatulas, oil greasers, refrigerated dispensers…
  • Batter preparations:
    • 1) Traditional crêpe & galette batters,
    • 2) White and buckwheat flour batter mixes (perfect for saving time while increasing quality and efficiency!).
  • Techniques & practice for spreading crêpe batter.
  • Discovery of some savory and sweet recipes, preparation and sampling.
  • Maintenance and cleanup of equipment.
  • Special training for the refrigerated crêpe batter dispenser (A unique patented refrigeration system by "Crêpes de France"*).


Our crêpe training center uses high standard professional equipment which provides you with the best training for your business and your employees.


The Chef Crêpe Training Center is a Certified Training Center for "Crêpes de France"* and award The Crêpes de France Diploma : See the Diploma . At our site in Maryland, we supply the one-day-training session offered by "Crêpes de France" when a crêpe Concept or Cart has been purchased from them.


On special request, we can offer:

  • Training on your site, anywhere in North America,
  • Gourmet crêpe training,
  • Assistance for launching and opening your Crêperie.


To arrange the date of your training course or for any information, please : contact us


* "Crêpes de France" © is an independent company with headquarters in Annecy (France). Chef Crêpe © as a contractor for "Crêpes de France" cannot be held responsible for "Crêpes de France" equipment.

The chef's recipe,
every month !

The Chef's recipe of the month

" The Wholemeal snack ! "

The chef crêpe's good tip for a snack : When you make your galettes in advance or if you buy them, you can prepare a quick and good complete galette.


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